Feedback from Long Term Exploration of Barefoot Running and DNS Yoga

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. Robert Kiyosaki I asked Kerri if she would be kind enough to contemplate and capture what she has noticed as a result of an approximately 14 month immersion in attending 2 of my classes per week. I am very grateful that Kerri has taken the time to […]

Q & A with PaleoOsteo on Posture, Injury, Training and Embodied View

Q and A – Mark McGrath First of all Mark, thanks for taking the time to share with us some of your insights into human movement and body awareness. Some of our clients have already spent some time with you, whether one on one or in a group setting at one of our integrated classes. […]

Integrating Skill, Training, Treatment and Recovery into a Big Picture View

In this ACE Presentation to the South West Academy of Sport, I discuss the big picture view of self understanding through the vehicle of sport. I point out that in order to be holistic we need; 1. Sport, Skill, Strategy 2. Fitness, Training and Load 3. Treatment, Rehabilitation and Motor Control 4. Recovery, Regeneration, Meditation […]

The True Energy Drink

My friend and colleague Tim Altman has written a great article comparing Siberian Red and Caffeine.  It was too good not to share as a post. Caffeine is invariably the main stimulant used in drinks to boost or maintain energy levels – either on its’ own or as an active ingredient in the plethora of energy […]