Movement and Breath Re-Education

Understand how to organise movement through perception of gravitational vertical while optimising breathing and stability.  The other important area to investigate is re-education of ideal gait mechanics. These two central patterns are essential to understand if you are to move and breathe well.

Yoga postures are used therapeutically along with other feedback means to ensure your ability to feel ideal alignment. Balance tools are used to challenge spinal stability because this important function requires on-going reflexive stimulus/control.

I also run 5 day/10 hour breathing courses with Naturopath, Tim Altman. In these courses we look at re-educating breathing to enhance the role of oxygen uptake into cells by understanding the importance of CO2 in breathing.  This is known as the Bohr effect.

In the courses we cover;

  • The Physiology of Breathing
  • Stability and Respiration
  • Nutrition and Breathing
  • Psycho-emotional factors affecting breathing
  • Practices for exercising, relaxation and to aid sleep.

The courses have a strong experiential component and we use capno-trainer biofeedback, and practical exercises to familiarise you with diaphragmatic awareness and eccentric control.  This in turn allows you to influence constancy of energy and elicit relaxation response via the breath.