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Hi Everyone,

Apologies for not posting for a while, it has been a busy month, shifting into a place in StKilda, with my daughter Ebony, so she can attend a school focusing on tennis.  I have been in a good routine, working with players from Hawthorn FC, athletes from Mercantile Rowing club, who have just competed at Nationals, seeing regular private clients and running a breathing course with Tim Altman.  There have also been some footballers from Old Xaverians come in this month, who are interested in body-management strategies going forward.

This post is to let you know about weekly classes I am offering, enabling you tap into on-going quality coaching within training sessions that are affordable and conducted in an environment where you get to explore your living potential.

Tuesday mornings (7-815am) and Thursday evenings (6-715pm) are; Movement Control, Stability, Lengthening and Balance based exercise and posture classes where the environment will support changes in central control of breathing, spinal awareness and recruitment strategy through stability inputs from body, balance, and vision.  These classes derive inspiration from the Prague School of Rehab Approach called ‘Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation’ (DNS) in which specific functional exercises improve spinal stability by targeting Deep System activation.  By working on consciously lengthening the spine (axial extension) with an increase in intra-abdominal pressure (IAP), stability in all body segments is achieved.  This forms the foundation for healthy movement.  I also use these principles in exploring yoga asanas, so that lengthening is balanced with stability throughout the experience of the posture.  These classes take place at 1 Bowen Crescent, Melbourne, across the road from StKilda Rd Police Complex.

Friday lunchtime (12 noon to 115pm) Myer Music Bowl Hill
Focus on using the hill as load. This session will consist of forward/backward movement over various distances with continuous jumps and other ways of moving.  Hills are a great way to load without getting sore, while increasing dorsi-flexion and hip extension.  This session has proved popular with runners and team-sport based athletes

Monday evenings (5-615pm) focus on movement coordination, agility, acceleration/deceleration, shuttles, and a variation in sprint distance intervals from 20-150m. This session will be excellent for anyone who wants to improve movement efficiency, and develop the ability to accelerate, slow down, change direction and explore different ways of moving.  Sprinting is such a pure expression of total body power, it is a one-stop shop in conditioning and adaptation.  The session is conducted at the oval on Domain Rd, next to the sand path that goes up to the shrine, opposite Melbourne Grammar.

The cost for these sessions is $20 casual, or you can pre-purchase 10 sessions for $150.  These sessions will not expire and can be used at any of the above classes. I look forward to seeing some of you consistently at the above classes, I am hopeful that together we can explore being our best, by seeing through limiting assumptions.

Exploring space

Please text me on 0417358832, if you intend coming to any of the above classes, so I can update you of any changes to the schedule.


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