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Hi Readers and Visitors to the Site,

I met with my web designer and advisor last week and we discussed the type of functionality required to move forward with this website.  We had a robust discussion and clarified a number of points for both of us.

My goal is to produce quality content, starting with central control principles and expanding out to include different ways to train, staying true to these principles in different contexts.  I look forward to hearing about the type of packages people are interested in going forward, so that I can target packages where the interest is highest.

This includes

Integrated Spinal Stability and Breathing,
Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation for Low Back, Shoulder, Neck, Hip, Knee, Ankle etc from a Global System perspective.
Dynamic Warm-ups,
Hill Training for Function, Coordination and Performance,
Footwork Training for Boxing and Tennis,
Yoga from a Deep System Perspective,
Gait, Skipping, Squatting and Jumping with Optimal Recruitment,
The Spine in Sprinting
Rotation Exercises for Golf,
Balance training for Performance,
The Spine and Recruitment in Cycling,
The Spine and Recruitment in Rowing/Paddling,
Balance training for the Elderly,
Neuromuscular Coordination Training for Body Balance.
If any of these topics are of interest, or you have any suggestions, please contact me on the contact page of this site.

I have started the process of photographing and filming to produce a number of e-books in the next 6 months that will bring clarity to the mixed messages around core stability and how this ‘mysterious’ ability can be understood functionally;

  • using developmental kinesiology
  • utilising feedback from support surfaces combined with breathing stability
  • in moving
  • and using nature and movement forces as the gym

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing a number of audio sessions that Scott Barrow and I did together on important pioneers in the development of rehabilitation and sports performance training, that includes important information on training, Function, Performance, Deep System Stabilisation, BodyMind Integration, Skill Development and the role of Post Conventional Understanding.

Along with this information, I am beginning a series of interviews with people who have an interesting story to tell around sports performance, overcoming adversity, training in different contexts, relaxation and regeneration, nutrition for optimal performance and self understanding and enquiry.

I look forward to your comments or questions in  future blogs and being able to serve the level of enquiry with clear coaching to support, encourage, enable and challenge development.



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