Month: June 2011

Audio: Training, Function, Performance, Exploration: Setting the Scene: 1 of 9

[audio:] In this audio Mark and Scott discuss their developmental origins and influences.  They discuss the early days of exercise science and strength and conditioning at the Victorian Institute of Sport, headed by pioneer Vern McMillan. At this stage the service was located at Arden St, North Melbourne, training alongside North Melbourne FC. The discussion […]

Human Movement Potential

I first looked at Ideokinesis about 10 years ago as a result of following some threads from the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. I read Mabel Todd’s book, ‘The Thinking Body’ and followed this up with Sweigard’s book.  Eric Franklin continues on this tradition and has written 5 excellent books on the subject.  I would […]

(PL) Hip Flexor Opening (RF)

The anatomy of tightness in hip flexion has two main aspects; 1. Psoas tightness 2. Rectus Femoris tightness This exercise addresses tightness of the rectus femoris (RF) which attaches at the anterior inferior iliac spine.  The RF is the only quadricep muscle which crosses the hip joint and when it is tight it can inhibit […]

Checking in with Living Functioning

There is a principle Which is a bar against all information Which is proof Against all arguments And which Cannot fail to keep a man In everlasting ignorance That principle is Contempt prior to investigation Herbert Spencer Movement Pioneer, Thomas Hanna coined the term Somatic, which can be defined simply as Living Body. This simple […]