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In this audio Mark and Scott discuss their developmental origins and influences.  They discuss the early days of exercise science and strength and conditioning at the Victorian Institute of Sport, headed by pioneer Vern McMillan. At this stage the service was located at Arden St, North Melbourne, training alongside North Melbourne FC.

The discussion goes into the evolution of;

  • training as a system
  • introducing the bike as a recovery tool
  • emphasis on heavy load, low rep training to target the nervous system
  • introducing yoga based training to bring in quality lengthening, recovery and introspection.

Scott shares how his involvement in this Physical Preparation developmental container afforded a jump in ‘how to think’ and that it was a great place to be for him.  He mentions how we began to investigate circus, acrobatic  and martial arts influences, along with Yoga, because our emphasis had largely shifted to whole person development through body-mind integration.  Scott also mentions that his experience at Bluearth Foundation shaped and transformed him as a coach.

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