Month: July 2011

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stability: Integrated Breath, Spine and Stability

Big Picture View/Breathing and Stability The topic of Core Stability divides all systems of exercise training; why is this so? What are the key aspects of our integrated systems functioning that I need to be aware of, and how do I learn to attend to the information arising from this functioning? Understanding the 3 Containers […]

Sauna as a Potent Regeneration Practice

The skin is the body’s largest organ and our interface with the physical world. Through perspiration, it acts as an important vehicle for the elimination of toxins. The skin is often referred to as the ‘third kidney’. Saunas assist greatly in the elimination of toxins. In the process the skin is cleaned of surface bacteria […]

Classifications for Exercises

I have developed a system for classifying the exercises I will be posting on the site, and in developing the products that will come out of this system.  There are 7 categories to help you understand the goal of the individual exercise, while also sharing the big picture view of what is important in movement, […]