Month: August 2011

Movement Forces Explained: How to Load the Body Functionally in Moving

Ive been talking about ‘movement forces’ for 15 years, and I still get blank looks from people, when I mention that slowing down from changing direction in an agility drill, involves multiple times body-weight. I remember doing a boxing session with Peter Bridges, he was getting me to throw an efficient left jab, and he […]

Book Review: Muscles and Meridians by Phillip Beach

Osteopath and Acupuncturist Phillip Beach has written a paradigm changing book because he skilfully challenges many of the assumptions we have about the living body, the organisation of movement, and what is important to function at our biomechanical potential as we age, move and live. Beach looks at modelling theory, embryology and the vertebrate body […]

Audio 3 of 9: The Role of the Diaphragm, Deep System Stability in Performance, Integral Theory.

[audio:|titles=03 Diaphragm, deep system stability, stability in performance, Integration] Mark and Scott discuss the importance of Relaxation in todays society.  Mark introduces how the understanding of the CNS came about through looking at Cerebral Palsy and other diseases.  Janda is introduced as the Father of Muscle Balance because he understood that symmetry was difficult because […]

Feedback Exercises and Automatic Movement

The purpose of exercises that have a rehabilitative or control basis is to ramp up the feedback processes, so that we can be responsible for better stability in moving. We know this is working when we have changed the way our body feels as a result of the feedback exercise. This means that the exercise […]