Audio 3 of 9: The Role of the Diaphragm, Deep System Stability in Performance, Integral Theory.

[audio:|titles=03 Diaphragm, deep system stability, stability in performance, Integration]

Mark and Scott discuss the importance of Relaxation in todays society.  Mark introduces how the understanding of the CNS came about through looking at Cerebral Palsy and other diseases.  Janda is introduced as the Father of Muscle Balance because he understood that symmetry was difficult because of dominances.

Duality is not two, rather it is a continuum of the play of opposites.

Developmental stages are introduced; foraging, horticulture, agrarian, industrial, informational stages of development.  This is discussed as a context for understanding why we struggle to understand the role of physical activity in todays informational age.  The body-mind split is introduced and is explored via its origins with Descartes, and how it still lives in todays society, through the split of physical and mental functioning, particularly in sport.

The holistic view asks open questions, so that we can explore the task through brain and nervous system.  This mode of operation comes from curiosity not lack.  What develops is joy and  satisfaction through exploration.  This exploration is put forward as an opportunity to transform the teaching/learning relationship, where experience in the moment is the learning.

Fitness, Cognition and Dementia are explored in relation to full function through a life-span.  Appreciative Inquiry and other methods are discussed so that shining is seen as a way of living fully.  Feeling as good as you possibly can is radical because it is still unfamiliar from a conventional perspective.

Transcendence is discussed as a series of knocks on the door of your development.  Growth and development has a vertical direction and is therefore challenging status quo.  Mark introduces the work of Piaget as an example of Vertical Cognitive Development.  In the Self-Line, vertical development  equals coming up against something bigger than you in experience.

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