Month: September 2011

Movement Sophistication involves Shifts in Perspective and Perception

In my work, I look at people stand, squat, walk and assume different postures to determine what is bringing on their pain, or to help them become more efficient in their chosen performance discipline. The organisation of the body represents information.  When you have trained your eyes to observe movement (anyone can do this), it […]

Audio 5 of 9: The Sum of Aspects Making up the Self. Respiration/Stability/Uprightness

[audio:|titles=05 Sum of the aspects making up self. Respiration_stability, Uprightness]Mark and Scott discuss  alignment from the point of view that the vocal, thoracic and pelvic diaphragms of the body ideally want to function as a mirror to each other.  Postural changes in the spine tend to fall into the categories of anterior and posterior tilt […]

The Role of the Feet in Core Stability

The ability to be able to see ourselves as living and whole is key to understanding the role of the moving, breathing body, with our connection to the earth coming through the feet. The feet are our basis for uprightness, yet we constantly cover them over without much consideration to their informational role in telling […]

PowerBand Training: Understanding the Mechanisms for Functional Adaptation

I have been experimenting with PowerBand Training over the past few months courtesy of an experimental research agreement with IronEdge. I first experimented with these bands over a decade ago, along with many other Physical Preparation Specialists who were doing the same type of research at the time.  I am pleasantly surprised at how far […]