Audio 4 of 9: BodyMind Operating System/Experience in the Now/Four Layers of Self/Dominances

Mark and Scott discuss paying attention to our actual experience, acknowledging that the tendency is to focus on the so-called benefits of activity.  The term for this is  end-gaining, when the invitation is to focus on the means whereby.

Mark outlines the four layers of self as; emotional disposition, deep system, muti-segmental, and global.  The emotional self is explored through the 5 elements; earth, water, fire, air and ether.  Scott mentions that the etymology of ’emotion’ is from the Latin ’emote’ which translates ‘to move.’  This wasnt a problem in Paelolithic times, but the informational age does not require us to move.

The reductionist view is discussed as helpful when understanding the component parts, but falls down in actual experience.[audio:|titles=04 BodyMind Operating System, Experience in the Now, 4 Layers of BodyMind, Dominances]

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