Audio 5 of 9: The Sum of Aspects Making up the Self. Respiration/Stability/Uprightness

[audio:|titles=05 Sum of the aspects making up self. Respiration_stability, Uprightness]Mark and Scott discuss  alignment from the point of view that the vocal, thoracic and pelvic diaphragms of the body ideally want to function as a mirror to each other.  Postural changes in the spine tend to fall into the categories of anterior and posterior tilt of the pelvis, which present as an increase in lordosis or a flattened back respectively, depending on the stabilising strategy.

The dome of the diaphragm sits at the level of T4-5, which is the level of the base of the shoulderblades and the lungs.  The foundation for the shoulders is the hips, therefore the energetic direction of the inferior angle of the shoulderblades is to back pockets.

The role of the serratus anterior and trapezius in upward rotation of the scapulae.

What brought us to upright?  What did uprightness afford?
Intention and aspiration drove this evolutionary impetus.  This evolutionary drive has a directionality.

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