Month: October 2011

The True Energy Drink

My friend and colleague Tim Altman has written a great article comparing Siberian Red and Caffeine.  It was too good not to share as a post. Caffeine is invariably the main stimulant used in drinks to boost or maintain energy levels – either on its’ own or as an active ingredient in the plethora of energy […]

Corrective Squatting

Stand with the feet hip-width apart with the hands over the level of the kidneys with the thumbs facing forward and down with the fingers pressing into the deepest aspect of your lumbar spine.   Pay attention to the length and width of your feet, then lift and spread your toes away from the floor. […]

Living: The Obvious and the Avoidance

Spontaneity by-passes the processes of the conceptual aspects of mind. Wei Wu Wei (Wei Wu Wei is a Chinese term that translates as action that is non-action) Im sure we all ponder many questions about the circumstances of life; and wanting something other than what is here, now.  This avoidance of satisfaction with Now is […]

Mistaken View: Neurology of Function

When one understands that our so called mechanical or structural orientation is a product of neurological activity, one is invited to ask the question; how is our way of training and educational systems honouring this neurological reality? Lets look at the facts: Spinal function is a neurological behaviour. Spinal function is a behavioural response to […]