Living: The Obvious and the Avoidance

Spontaneity by-passes the processes of the conceptual aspects of mind.
Wei Wu Wei (Wei Wu Wei is a Chinese term that translates as action that is non-action)
Im sure we all ponder many questions about the circumstances of life; and wanting something other than what is here, now.  This avoidance of satisfaction with Now is dissatisfaction with what is Here.
I was reflecting on the above, this morning and the difficulty in communicating the obviousness of this, and the word that kept coming up as the answer was living.
Living function
Living breathing
Living moving
Living interaction etc.  

So, what creates the basic separation from living?

The thought that what is happening now is not it!

It would seem that this tendency functions in all of us. That is until we directly investigate it. What we find is not something new, but a disappearance of the agitation. In other words, this tendency functions in stealth mode, and the one action that it cannot tolerate is direct looking.

This brings me back to the reflection that motivated the post. When you function, re-cognizing that you are living, the basic direct finding is that ‘nothing is missing.’  The conditioned reflex of lack arises because we persist in looking in the wrong direction.

Checking in with basic aliveness, fully exploring the movement inherent in the current breath, feeling the length of your spine, the sun on your skin, are all very basic actions.  The aspect of mind identified with lack, does not like basic.  This identity likes ‘advanced’, ‘exclusive’ ‘limited offer’ etc.  This identity hates to miss out on an acquisition.

I invite you to do one session this week, where you let go of preconceived expectations about what it is you are doing, and pay attention to the action itself. See how many times the stealth identity comes in to create separation between the action and past/future associations.

Enjoy your findings!


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