Year: 2012

There is no Such Person or Entity called ‘Everybody’

The motivation for this post comes from the desire to point out that the catch-all term used by the media ‘everybody’ is non-existent in at least two ways. Upon hearing ‘however this way of training is not for everybody’, or ‘however not everybody is happy’, one attempts to find this entity called ‘everybody’, no such […]

Inner Process Feedback on the Intelligence of Running

I received an email from Chris this week.  He has been coming to Thursday classes where we do a combination of Powerband feedback running, SloshballI standing rotations and lunges, DNS and Yoga based postures and partner work.  Please read below for what Chris is noticing as he pays attention to running. (The words in brackets […]

The Origins of Posture Part 2

I really enjoy the time I spend in Bendigo with Josh and Aaron. The reasons are simple. Both are exceptional practitioners who have a world-centric view of treatment and training. They are authentic and open, and want the best for themselves and those they are interacting with in their clinic and broader network. I am […]