Month: January 2012

Audio 9 of 9: Global Mobilisers and a Better Idea of How We can Actually Influence Movement

[audio:|titles=09 Global Mobilisers, VO2max, Quality movement] Mark and Scott finish this series by describing the final layer of the neuro-muscular system; the global mobilisers. The discussion finishes with a concluding statement that points to the future of physical preparation and performance. What happens to some of my metabolic measures when I actually improve movement efficiency?

Audio 8 of 9: Breath, Task, Attention. Liberating Degrees of Freedom

[audio:|titles=08 Respiration and stability, pain patterns. Transcending lock-down. Nikolai Bernstein] Mark and Scott bring to conclusion much of what has been discussed in this audio series. ¬†Topics covered include; Chronic pain and lock down. How the diaphragm and transversus abdominus are continous with each other functional and proprioceptively. Why Grooving in sport is a lock-down […]

Deep System Stabilisation in Sitting

Mark takes Lisa through the experience of sitting with deep system activation. As this was Lisa’s first experience of this, the challenge is to maintain intra-abdominal pressure during exhalation. Mark goes on to explain the whole-health benefits of this way of breathing.