Standing Posture: Triangle Pose with emphasis on Alignment and Intra-abdominal pressure.

Standing Postures are unique to the system of Yoga, where the emphasis is on the integration of inputs to the bodymind as a Global System. Coached well, they have the capacity to transform, breathing, posture, intrinsic stability and embodied attention. This is a combination of your basic attention as an organism, combined with a capacity to tune attention to sensation and feeling.

Triangle Pose is a particularly important posture to perform regularly because it lengthens frontal plane structures of the trunk, with the inside and outside lines of the leg. This frees the back and trunk and helps to keep the legs balanced if you are loading them with running, sports and cycling.

Triangle Pose IAP set up


Triangle Pose with IAP emphasis

  1. Stand at the end of the mat and turn the toes in of the left foot, so that you can press back into the back foot, and challenge the lateral border because your heel is further back than the ball of the foot.
  2. Step the right foot out 2-3 times, so that the right heel lines up with the leftt medial arch. Place your finger-tips at the section of the lower abdominals, or over your kidneys with the thumbs forward.
  3. Widen at the waist through the entire circumference.
  4. Spiral outwards through the left and right thighs strongly, while keeping big toe knuckles grounded.. Energetically increase the distance between head and tail and start to move over the long leg.
  5. Keep a long spine and breathe wide, after 10 breaths, place the right hand on the right shin, keep the width at the waist. Breathe, lengthen and spiral, after 10 breaths, breathe in and take the left arm to the ceiling. Breathe in and look up, hold for 10 breaths, pay attention to the stability of your base as you come up.  Repeat to the other side.
Keeping the sides long and full
Final Position before raising the top arm and looking up

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