Month: August 2012

Training and Moving from a Deep System Perspective (True Core Stability explained)

Framework for Understanding Deep System. The rules of the deep system follow definite rules. 1. Spine lengthens to crown of the head. 2. Chest position travels down and stays down to horizontalise diaphragm. 3. Increase Intra-abdominal Pressure and maintain even during exhalation. The feet are a practical inclusion in DSS from an Intrinsic Stability Perspective.

NCCMA Leadership and Well-Being Development Course

“One’s freedom lies in being free to fulfil the need of the moment, and to observe the necessity of the situation.” Welcome to the Participants in the upcoming course. I’d like to outline the process we will undertake over the three half days, in order for us to; check in with where we are, how […]

How Do I Get Changes in the Body

Mark is presenting to a group of swimmers and describing the challenge of getting changes in the motor system.  He describes the most important question as “How should I train?” and points to the confusion around core stability and posture.Mark explains that bodily perception is information and highlights the importance of feedback.  Feedback shows you […]