Month: October 2012

The Origins of Posture Part 2

I really enjoy the time I spend in Bendigo with Josh and Aaron. The reasons are simple. Both are exceptional practitioners who have a world-centric view of treatment and training. They are authentic and open, and want the best for themselves and those they are interacting with in their clinic and broader network. I am […]

The Origins of Posture Part 1. Guest Blogger: Josh Lamaro

Posture Part 1. Josh Lamaro I recently had a conversation over breakfast with Mark about culturally ingrained ideas on what is aesthetically pleasing in the human form, and the implications of what is perceived to be “good,” versus what we believe, as practitioners, to be functionally preferred, functionally natural. Ballet immediately came to mind. Clinically […]

Development of Postural Control: A Functional Approach

It is pleasing to finally write this post, as I have admired the work of French Researcher Christine Assaiante for a long time. Like the genius emanating from the Prague School of Rehabilitation, Assaiante, by investigating how postural control develops in children, has given us the gift of understanding what is important to evolve movement […]