Inner Process Feedback on the Intelligence of Running

I received an email from Chris this week.  He has been coming to Thursday classes where we do a combination of Powerband feedback running, SloshballI standing rotations and lunges, DNS and Yoga based postures and partner work.  Please read below for what Chris is noticing as he pays attention to running. (The words in brackets are mine, (other than first bracket), and are for clarity on the frame of reference being spoken about)

was out for a run last night and as always, trying and testing/experimenting with techniques and processes I’ve picked up from you. I’m now running more upright (I think – it feels like it) and working with my mid line (axis of rotation) very much in the front of my mind, ie arm and leg movements – trying to keep them running up and down (in line with hips and shoulders) along the mid line plane rather than across or away from it. This alone has helped give me a much stronger sense of balance.

Last night I tried extending through my crown and down through my pelvis – one if not THE, core value you’re working to instil in us (aligning the head, chest and pelvis with activation of intra-abdominal pressure). It was the most amazing feeling that I tried to describe when I got home but could not put into words! Today, the best I can do is describe it as a sense of lightness. I cannot even describe exactly how I was doing it other than to say it was an awareness or intention.

This feels like a bit of a breakthrough. I cannot wait to get back out there tomorrow morning and see if it was all in my imagination!

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