Year: 2013

Free Flow Vipassana

So much writing in the movement, training and treatment field is divisive in nature. Disease and dysfunction are serious business, but dont you think its time to pause to see if we are on track? There is only ONE health. There is only ONE functional ideal. That is not to say that there cannot be […]

Holistic Observations

12 Observations from the Couch Awareness is the basis of everything. Living is pure process and its basis is pure potential. Attention is how we know whats happening as its happening. Gait is our most profound intelligence. DNS postures are key to movement health. Yoga postures are a way to explore 3 aspects of stabilising […]

Swimming Performance and Optimal Posture

My good friend and long term performance client Matt Targett emailed me the following link; How a curved spine can impair swimming velocity. I really appreciate Matt sharing this article because it shows that all the work we have been doing on improving performance by being long, strong and coordinated in the pool is being understood […]