Feedback from Elite Circus Athlete/Performer Tim Rutty

Anyone who has seen Cirque du Soleil would agree that the performers are amongst the most skilful and aesthetically pleasing athletes from any discipline in the world.  They are incredibly strong and this strength has to be expressed day in, day out, as this is what they do for a living.

Tim stabilising in frontal plane hold

I have enjoyed working with elite Circus hand balancer and rope performer Tim Rutty over the last couple of years.  I would like to share some feedback from Tim to show that DNS stabilising exercises are essential and applicable across the spectrum of rehabilitation to performance.

Although Tim is a highly trained and motivated athlete, the need to re-boot, balance and harmonise the body, brain and nervous system are necessary for all of us, regardless of activity, lack of activity or profession.

Hey Mark
I just want to thankyou and let you know that after our session the other week, my core strength-stability has gone through the roof!

There was a hand stand shape that I had been struggling with for the last 2 years where I’m on one hand with my legs together straight above me, and since our session I can now hold it consistently without much unnecessary effort!

And there has been a marked improvement in a lot of other skills.

Thank you heaps again!


Tim in inversion with trunk and hip extension

I share this feedback because I want to reinforce the message of the importance of being established in one’s intrinsic stabilising strategy.  We all need to know how to perform these essential movements to live fully and to live well.

It is often only when our ability to move has been negatively affected through injury, long term neglect, or through a bad accident that we develop the curiosity or drive to move well again.

Please see weekly schedule for a range of ways to tap into this essential knowledge.


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