Holistic Observations

12 Observations from the Couch

  1. Awareness is the basis of everything.
  2. Living is pure process and its basis is pure potential.
  3. Attention is how we know whats happening as its happening.
  4. Gait is our most profound intelligence.
  5. DNS postures are key to movement health.
  6. Yoga postures are a way to explore 3 aspects of stabilising function while focusing on lengthening.  While this lengthening is happening, our proprioceptive and vestibular system is being preferentially stimulated.
  7. Sprinting in all its forms is the number 1 whole body power exercise.
  8. Coordination is poorly understood and poorly trained.
  9. Strength training should be performed from a whole body perspective.
  10. Time in nature is essential for whole health.
  11. We should load movement not muscles.
  12. Perceptual processing is how we process sports and movement information and comes from our evolutionary heritage.


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