Free Flow Vipassana

So much writing in the movement, training and treatment field is divisive in nature.
Disease and dysfunction are serious business, but dont you think its time to pause to see if we are on track?
There is only ONE health.
There is only ONE functional ideal.
That is not to say that there cannot be infinite creativity in moving, but the ways that escaping happens will be unique to the individual per-form-ance.
This includes the highest movers on the planet!
Guess what? Nothing happens to functional ideal, the pure potential is perpetually there knowing!!
Knowing the movement, the happening, the gap to the ideal.
You can do as many tricks as you like, and you should play perpetually.
Because this is the grand experiment.
Every step you take, every breath you take.
Opportunity, observation.
Pure awareness playing.
The best musicians do this well.
Playing and trusting, beauty happens.
Repetition and feedback.
Time for false images to be seen through and to move for joy.
In joy there is no entity, only movement happening.
Postural length is perfection itself.
From this possibility everything can happen.
Neck length
Chest position
The pressure from the master structure that allows stability.
How did all this happen??
Unanswerable, I’m afraid.
Know it, love it, play with it, share it.


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