SurfCoast Integrated Living Systems Sessions

I have been enquiring into and experimenting with putting sessions together that train Functional Ideal and Optimal Functioning in small group settings over a long period.

I have worked with Athletes who have been successful at the highest levels and spent time with Pioneers who have understood the basis of the ways we should move, train, develop force, regenerate, breathe, stabilise and rest. I am interested in ways of combining these principles in practical settings that allow Understanding to become Autonomous. This Autonomy is essential, if we are going to do better Collectively.

I have reflected on how all this could possibly come together in an extended session and I am comfortable that if a group of people came together and explored these principles in a supportive environment, that amazing on-going transformation will be the result.

I am offering this Opportunity on an ongoing basis on the SurfCoast over a series of weekends starting 25/4/15 from 830-11am.  We can meet at the Front Beach for Movement and CT, followed by DNS Yoga at Grant Pavillion, behind SurfCoast offices and adjacent to Torquay Secondary College.

@paleoosteo Josh Lamaro will be assisting me with these sessions, and will be an integral part of the Dialogue on Living Systems Understanding, Optimal Function and Injury Prevention.

The Basic Outline of the Sessions is as follows;

Beach Movement
Steady State, Change of Direction, Ways of Moving, HIIT, Training with different Functional Training Tools on the Sand. Finish in the water for Cold Thermogenesis.

DNS Yoga and Partner Training
This session builds on the very successful model trailed in Bendigo where we do individual work as per normal Yoga class, but also train with a partner, after the posture has been workshopped. We have had tremendous improvements in Function and Injury Prevention from this Approach. DNS is the Neuro-Developmental Movement System developed by the Prague School of Rehabilitation.

Post the Physical Exploration we Deepen our exploration into Feeling/Sensation, the Silence and Rhythm of Ideal Breathing into Resting as Awareness. This true Resting is possible, as Body, Mind and World are contextualised in Experience.

Post our Contemplation, we will spend time Discussing our Experience and Clarifying our Understanding of Living Systems and Self-Understanding.

Spotting Kerri as she goes into Bear Pose


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