Global See-ing. A Framework for Understanding Living Systems Approach

If you think Education is Expensive, try Ignorance!
Robert Kiyosaki

Why do we wait to get sick, injured, or suffering symptoms before we decide to Educate ourselves?  Do we actually think that we can do something about our Health, once we have made enough money?

This approach cannot work, because we are attempting to operate outside the causes and conditions that govern our existence on this planet.

The 180 degree shift in our perspective is to notice where we are looking from.  This shift in our looking is to the nature of experience as it arises in daily life.   Taking the Observing perspective where we notice what is arising and plugging this into a Living Framework to re-cognise the quality and nature of the information is what Living Education is all about.

This process requires a trusted network, where we feel safe to explore our experience.  This exploration is the key to Clarity.  When we explore in this manner, we learn that we do not need to defend a position, or try to ‘out-do’ each other.  There is tremendous relief in this realisation.

The services I offer are based on a Global Perspective, where all aspects of the situation are brought into the overall Looking.
This includes;

  1. Injury History
  2. Performance Context
  3. Nature of Pain or Ability to be Transformed.
  4. What you can see Clearly to Elucidate a Vision
  5. Identifying Blockages to Clear Seeing.
  6. Observation of Key Movements that are Fundamental to our Functioning, or Plugged into the Context you are wishing to Train.
  7. Bodywork to ascertain areas of Hypertone and Perceptual Absence.
  8. Learning Neuro-Developmental Postures that are Innate to your Stabilising Function and Movement Function.

The Supervision of your Performance in the Early Stages is Key, because the main lost Ability being addressed is the loss of the Accurate Perception of Vertical.  In other words, your Movement Compensations have fundamentally altered your Perception.

Stepping from Supine.

This occurs in 3 areas;

  1. Proprioceptive Neglect
  2. Altered Orientation and Signaling of your Vestibular Apparatus (Balance Centres)
  3. Over-reliance on Vision as a Frame of Reference for Vertical-Horizontal.

This Education/Practice is possibly the most important Framework you can Understand/Experience to be Pain-Free and maintain Full-Function through the Decades of your Life-Situation.


  1. Because it is the Integration of ANS/CNS functioning
  2. It is the Inner Informational Unit that allows Stability and truly Free Movement
  3. It is the Total Understanding of the Role of the Breath.
  4. It is Clarity on your Stabilising Mode and why the Gym is Limiting your Sophistication.
  5. It is Based on Development Itself.
  6. The Postures and Patterns we will explore are encoded in your Brain-CNS.
  7. It is the Possibility to De-Bunk the Myths about Living Health that are Limiting your Potential.

Please contact me for services related to the above understanding.
Anything and Everything are Possible.

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