Month: August 2015

Loading Movement using Shuttles

A Basic 20m Shuttle is demonstrated, out and back 20m, out and back 10m x2. The extended shuttle can be played with to load metabolically and neurologically. The key abilities being trained are acceleration, deceleration and change of direction.

Frontal Plane Movement/Change of Direction/Outside Leg Set

Moving side to side and Abduction are all Frontal Plane Movements. Dropping your Centre and being Ready I’m covering you (ready to change direction laterally). Load and Change in frontal plane. Outside leg set. Waltz 1, 2, 3.. Change Eveness, Lower your Centre of Gravity, Push to Change. Partner Agility (losing partner)

Loading Ways of Moving. Hops/Low Jumps/Sprint/Low Jumps

This is one of the most difficult complexes in the Ways of Moving Series. This is because, we don’t come up out of the low jump position, but stay low and drive. This keeps eccentric load in the quadriceps group. I created this complex for James Tomkins and Drew Ginn in their preparation for Athens […]

In Place Jumps. Introduction/Rhythm/Max Height

I describe why jumps are functionally superior to External Loading. 1. Triple Extension + Maximum Acceleration 2. Landings = Sophistication for CNS I define eccentric strength as the ability of the Muscle Chain to lengthen under tension and give an example using triple jump, of Movement Efficiency. In this video we explore jumps for Rhythm […]