Media: DNS Approach in AFL Football. Luke Hodge Sustained Excellence

If DNS works in the crash and bash of AFL Football, imagine how it can help you in your life situation?

Hodgey played football in a sacrificial manner.  Meaning that he put his body on the line consistently for the sake of the contest and the team.  He did this for a period of over 15 years at AFL level.

When we met, he was experiencing consistent back pain, which was amplified by sitting and travel.

Like many active people, the activity itself can be a portal for freedom, meaning that movement helps the pain pattern, depending on load and intensity.

From the beginning, we worked on improving the Global Strategy for Stability using DNS principles.  Hodgey started to improve immediately, but like all of us, the non-preferred strategy can only yield, once the preferred pattern is familiar.  It is a process of attention, practice and reinforcement.

I would encourage all of you who are reading this to be encouraged by the words, that have also helped me to stay determined and disciplined in regard to Optimal Function through a Life Span.

All that is required for optimal movement is a healthy brain, because the target organ in DNS practice is the brain. (I am paraphrasing Professor Kolar, but hopefully you get the point)

Unless your function is limited by a brain lesion, which would represent the ceiling to which the afferent information could have an influence.  You can achieve astonishing results with an accurate and consistent practice.

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Luke Hodge Movement

Jordan Moncrieff and I are running our second AFL DNS 10 week course starting in early October. This year we adding in the sophistication of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, to help you with strategy and contested ball. Our provider for this is Robbie Aardoom, from the The Base Academy

The Intensive will involve 3 sessions per week, for 10 weeks and will set you up for years to come, in terms of how you train and prepare for the sport you love!
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