Working with Tommy Mitchell

Video excerpt from Road to Recovery courtesy of Hawthorn FC

Working with an exceptional athlete like Tommy is about exploration in the relationship as the direction of development and adaptation come together via discussion and practice.

In the above video, I am giving Tommy ideal feedback through his right ankle. This approach has changed the perception of use, and we have made great progress in better biomechanics for shock absorption and efficient running.

The rotation work we are doing using the power bands as feedback mechanism for the trunk-pelvis, trains the diagonal body (contralateral stability) for ideal recruitment via thoraco-lumbar fascia functionally and biomechanically. This fascia is the connection of the diagonal posterior sling. We were doing this also to help out the left lower extremity where Tommy had the break.

Training the transverse (rotational) plane is about knowing the long axis of the body and being accurate in moving in ways that train our locomotion pattern.

This work is both challenging and empowering because you realise that it is possible to facilitate the actual software of the brain/CNS where the patterns are encoded as our locomotor program.

Tommy’s dedication to be the best athlete/footballer he can be, will only keep expanding as the majority of the foundation of linking attention with movement is well developed.

We both look forward to getting a good run into 2021, with much improved causes and conditions for training and experimenting!

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