Podcast with Luke Saville

Luke Saville was former No. 1 Junior in the world.

Winning Wimbledon Juniors in 2011 and AO Juniors in 2012.

Luke turned Pro in 2014 and has a career high raning in singles of 150 and 28 in doubles.

He has represented Australia in Davis Cup and ATP Cup, both in doubles with John Peers.

In this episode Luke and I explore our shared journey into training and performance as a professional tennis player on ATP Tour.

We discuss the origins of our relationship and the building blocks of planning and evolving in relationship via first, second and third person perspectives.

We unpack the training process via understanding the triangulation of Body/Movement/Task and go into detail as to how we apply this to tennis training and performance.

Jules gives insight as to the similarities and contrast to development in music and asks Luke some insightful questions!

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