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Global See-ing. A Framework for Understanding Living Systems Approach

If you think Education is Expensive, try Ignorance! Robert Kiyosaki Why do we wait to get sick, injured, or suffering symptoms before we decide to Educate ourselves?  Do we actually think that we can do something about our Health, once we have made enough money? This approach cannot work, because we are attempting to operate […]

Living the Understanding: An Experiential Model

Where there is Division, there is Confusion. Where there is Confusion, there is Division. J. Krishnamurti The Real cultural problem that we face, is that we dont have the mature capacity to know or check that what we are is whole, seamless and undivided.  And that when we know this, we dont lose the ability […]

Deep System Stabilisation and Breathing Efficiency

In the below post by my friend and colleague Tim Altman, outlines the systemic health benefits in being trained in Breathing Efficiency.  Tim and I ran Breathing courses together in 2010/11 and we discovered some amazing clinical findings of  what is important in breathing well. Due to my training in Dynamic Neuromuscular Stability (DNS) through […]