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Ideal Shoulder/Neck Function. How do I achieve this?

How do I approach training my body in a way that will serve me for the long term? The answer lies in looking at the nature of development, and how we came to upright in the first 15 months of life.  This unfolding happened as a result of a maturing brain/CNS.  The baby wasn’t instructed […]

Rotated Triangle with a DNS Emphasis

In this video, I describe the Rotated Triangle as the King of the Postures because of the arrangement of the feet and the fact that we are rotating our spine above this balance point. In the video, I coach the key points of how to come into the posture using deep system stability, how to […]

SurfCoast Integrated Living Systems Sessions

I have been enquiring into and experimenting with putting sessions together that train Functional Ideal and Optimal Functioning in small group settings over a long period. I have worked with Athletes who have been successful at the highest levels and spent time with Pioneers who have understood the basis of the ways we should move, […]

Holistic Observations

12 Observations from the Couch Awareness is the basis of everything. Living is pure process and its basis is pure potential. Attention is how we know whats happening as its happening. Gait is our most profound intelligence. DNS postures are key to movement health. Yoga postures are a way to explore 3 aspects of stabilising […]