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SurfCoast Integrated Living Systems Sessions

I have been enquiring into and experimenting with putting sessions together that train Functional Ideal and Optimal Functioning in small group settings over a long period. I have worked with Athletes who have been successful at the highest levels and spent time with Pioneers who have understood the basis of the ways we should move, […]

Holistic Observations

12 Observations from the Couch Awareness is the basis of everything. Living is pure process and its basis is pure potential. Attention is how we know whats happening as its happening. Gait is our most profound intelligence. DNS postures are key to movement health. Yoga postures are a way to explore 3 aspects of stabilising […]

Contrast Training: Yoga and Rock Climbing

Hi All, Please find an article I wrote for ROCK, Australia’s Climbing Magazine.  Spring 2012, no 92. The combination of Yoga and Rock Climbing is a match made in Nirvana, because at their peak, both practices represent an experience of the timeless.  The timeless is when any separation created by thought is absent, and we […]

How Do I Get Changes in the Body

Mark is presenting to a group of swimmers and describing the challenge of getting changes in the motor system.  He describes the most important question as “How should I train?” and points to the confusion around core stability and posture.Mark explains that bodily perception is information and highlights the importance of feedback.  Feedback shows you […]