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Contrast Training: Yoga and Rock Climbing

Hi All, Please find an article I wrote for ROCK, Australia’s Climbing Magazine.  Spring 2012, no 92. The combination of Yoga and Rock Climbing is a match made in Nirvana, because at their peak, both practices represent an experience of the timeless.  The timeless is when any separation created by thought is absent, and we […]

How Do I Get Changes in the Body

Mark is presenting to a group of swimmers and describing the challenge of getting changes in the motor system.  He describes the most important question as “How should I train?” and points to the confusion around core stability and posture.Mark explains that bodily perception is information and highlights the importance of feedback.  Feedback shows you […]

Audio 7 of 9: Head Balance, Balance Centres and the Organisation of the Body.

[audio:|titles=07 Balance Centres including Head Balance. Evolutionary Drive. FM Alexander, Alfred North Whitehead, Dominances] Mark and Scott discuss the importance of Head Balance and the hierarchical organisation of this being Balance, Body and Vision.  Pioneers in FM Alexander, Alfred North Whitehead and Bruce Lee are contextually  discussed in relation to development.  The challenge of attaining […]

Overview of the Anatomy of Deep System Stability

Mark shows pathological and optimal relationship of the diaphragm with pelvic floor for optimal low back stability. Pathological orientation is termed ‘scissors syndrome’ because the axes are open like a pair of scissors. Optimal stability is when the axes are horizontal. This happens when the chest position travels down as the spine lengthens to activate […]