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10 Week AFL DNS Movement Intensive

October 10, 2017
December 18, 2017
Mark McGrath

We have developed a unique 10 week Intensive that will explore and build competency in the following areas;

Posture, Stability, Breathing, Movement, Efficiency, Coordination, Containment of Energy, Injury Prevention, Present Moment Awareness.

From an AFL Skills perspective we will address;
Kicking, Overhead Marking, Jumping, Change of Direction, Contested Ball, Perception of Information in Space and how to process this faster.

The Intensive will run from;
Tuesday 10th October to Saturday 18th December (10 weeks)

This Intensive is an opportunity for real-time learning in all areas that will allow you to play your best football consistently.
The way we will do this is by teaching you the means for accessing the best of what you bring to the table in terms of performance, motivation, attitude and intention.

All sessions are 100% practical and all learning is experiential.
The quality and intensity of the content will change as your competence in the performance improves.
The material you will learn in this intensive will be useful for the rest of your playing career and is an investment in learning how to be consistently at your best.

There will be 30 sessions in total. 3 per week for 10 weeks.
Session 1: Athlete History. Individual Screening and Meeting with Coaches.
Session 2: DNS Postures. Stabilising function, Breathing, Movement Efficiency and Partner work.
Session 3: Coordination of moving, Ways of moving, Resisted Moving, Agility and shuttles, Sprint-Recovery, Perception of Space and Complexity, Skill Drills and Situations.
Session 4: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Principles distilled and applied to AFL context
Sessions will alternate between these 3 themes going forward.
In simple terms you will explore;
Stability and Control of Movement
Dynamic expression of Movement with Understanding of True Efficiency.
Efficient use of your body in a contested situation. Use of Leverage to Optimise your advantage in the contest.

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