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DNS Movement and Yoga Class (Prahran)

October 31, 2018 7:00 pm
October 31, 2018 8:30 pm
5 session pass = $150
Mark McGrath
Sweat Theory
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Level 2/349 Chapel St, Praharan, Australia

Movement is its own Intelligence.

Bear Pose 14 month transition posture

We know this by observing all animals in Nature and by observing Infant Development in the first 4 years of life.  The arch of the foot is mature by 6 years of age.

Intrinsic stability of the foot through transverse, lateral and medial arches

Movement or ‘Locomotion’ lives as a Program in your Brain-CNS.  The Patterns of Movement that are Intrinsic to the Organism are encoded in your CNS.  When we practice moving from a Developmental Perspective, we light up this Deep, Stable, Transformational Intelligence!!!

While the term ‘Core Stability’ is now in common usage, a comprehensive approach to the implications of this are rare!

Enjoy being Coached to uncover your ‘true core stability’ as a gift for life!

Learning to Lengthen/Stabilise/Move/Breathe Functionally and Attend Deeply is the most significant Investment that you can make in Yourself.  It is a Constant!

In these classes we will explore all aspects of Developmental Movement.  We will keep coming back to our Walking Gait as a Measure of our Understanding and Progress.  We will move through all the transitions from the feedback rich use of the floor, to supporting the spine in space, to different ways of uprighting to enhance locomotion.

We will also learn Yoga Postures from this Perspective, culminating in integrating Pelvic Rotation and Pivoting Action together in Standing Postures.

Quadraped Human Mammal DNS Poster. www.rehabps.com
Functional Ideal Posture-Stability from Clinical Rehabilitation by Kolar


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