Reflex Stimulation

I am pleased to be offering Reflex Stimulation as an essential component of rehabilitation and movement re-education.  Reflex Stimulation evokes Global Patterns in the central nervous system (CNS) in which the entire muscular system is involved in a well-defined and coordinated way. Reflex Stimulation; improves motor and sensory function improves/restores body perception and cortical map […]

Weekly Classes

Hi Everyone, Apologies for not posting for a while, it has been a busy month, shifting into a place in StKilda, with my daughter Ebony, so she can attend a school focusing on tennis.  I have been in a good routine, working with players from Hawthorn FC, athletes from Mercantile Rowing club, who have just competed at […]

Bluearth Foundation Coach Education Presentation

Really enjoyed presenting to the Victorian Bluearth Team in January.  They are now led by the very experienced Paull Jeffrey, who is doing an amazing job in leading this team and involving his experienced senior Coaches; Tim Forsyth, Mick Wilson and Mitch Barrow (who is back after having a year off).  All the very best […]

Technique, Perception, Emergence and Dissolving Either/Or

Everything should be made as simpe as possible, but not simpler. Albert Einstein I always enjoy January because of the feast of sport on television and I particularly enjoy watching good tennis.  I have explored in recent blogs the concept of technique and I would like to take this exploration further in todays offering. If […]