Bluearth Foundation Coach Education Presentation

Really enjoyed presenting to the Victorian Bluearth Team in January.  They are now led by the very experienced Paull Jeffrey, who is doing an amazing job in leading this team and involving his experienced senior Coaches; Tim Forsyth, Mick Wilson and Mitch Barrow (who is back after having a year off).  All the very best […]

Technique, Perception, Emergence and Dissolving Either/Or

Everything should be made as simpe as possible, but not simpler. Albert Einstein I always enjoy January because of the feast of sport on television and I particularly enjoy watching good tennis.  I have explored in recent blogs the concept of technique and I would like to take this exploration further in todays offering. If […]

5 Continuous Jumps, Plantar Flexion and Hip Extension

When effort is needed, effort will appear, when effortlessness becomes essential it will assert itself.  You need not push life about, just flow with it and give yourself completely to the task and the present moment. Nisargadatta Maharaj In the Thursday morning running efficiency class, it was just Nick Mitchell and I, and as we […]

Overview of Recent Happenings

I thought I might take the time to update on recent happenings.  I have enjoyed having a routine in recent weeks with stability and movement control classes on Tuesday mornings and barefoot running/nose-breathing classes on the hill up to the shrine off Domain Road on Thursday mornings.  This along with individual consultations has been a […]