Understanding core stability in the context of ideal posture, and the importance of intra-abdominal pressure working in concert with eccentric diaphragmatic control

When we meet a fact  which contradicts a prevailing theory, we must accept the fact and abandon the theory, even when the theory is supported by great names and generally accepted. Claude Bernard (Father of modern scientific method who did the preliminary work on the basis for understanding ‘homeostasis’.  Homeostasis functions through multiple dynamic equilibrium […]

Movement Efficiency

Barefoot Running combined with Nose Breathing This week in the Financial Review (28/10/10) there was an article discussing the research that had been done on Men and Women who had run the London Marathon with an emphasis on those who had experienced heart problems. The people who had experienced heart problems in the data from […]

Why include Balance Training in your exercise approach?

The mainstream exercise approach has a focus on activation of individual muscles or muscle groups.  It is believed that by activating  muscles, that the new motor pattern will be developed automatically.  There is an assumption that all that is required is to strengthen muscle groups using progressive resistance exercise programs. The next evolution in thinking […]

How does walking ideally happen?

While the action of walking can be difficult to explain in words and challenging at first when attending to walking as it is happening, attention to walking can be a truly joyful experience. When we consider walking we have two aspects we need to be aware of, the first aspect is the weight-bearing step and […]